Is Aluminum-free Deodorant the New Gluten-free Diet?

Dove has just come out with a new line of deodorants called Dove 0% Aluminum. It is not an antiperspirant and retails at $7.49, as compared to their more established powder antiperspirant and deodorant that is $3 less, at $4.79.

There is a movement towards more natural and clean body and skin care, with many companies coming out with products and lines that are free from toxins, sulfates, alcohol, and other no-no ingredients. The idea is safety and health, but is there actually anything unhealthy about using aluminum salts, the only FDA approved ingredient for the use of reducing sweat gland output?

A study in 1985 suggested a link between Alzheimer’s Disease and aluminum found in the body. This is, of course, concerning. Aluminum is a common ingredient in many items people use daily; it’s in some of our fish, some supplements, etc., but does the aluminum salt in antiperspirant enter our bodies through the skin?

Well, according to Robert Korn, this is a myth. The aluminum salts clog the pores and your skin protects the ingredients from entering the bloodstream, so there are two factors at work preventing this from happening.

Some people still think that keeping your body from releasing its toxins naturally, can be dangerous. So far, this fear appears to be unsubstantiated, however the aluminum-free fad doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

If you’ve been using anti-perspirant all along and the idea of pit stains fills you with a sense of dread, have no fear: there is no actual proof that using aluminum salt on your armpits will contribute to any sort of health problems. If, however, you prefer to go au naturale, just be sure you’re doing so with the right information. When it comes to what you apply in the privacy of your own bathroom: don’t sweat it!

Who to Fly With This Year: Which Airlines are More Reliable?

Before you book a flight, why not consider your options first? These days, there are more airlines to choose from than ever before, so being critical is a must.

Some factors to consider are: in flight amenities, leg room, price, and delays. Believe it or not, many delays are due to preventable circumstances that are the fault of the airline carrier as opposed to the airport itself or weather.

According to Money magazine, a sub-publication of Time, Hawaiian, Alaskan, and Delta airlines have the best track records for avoiding delays. They were the top three airlines in a list of 10 – the least three reliable being Allegiant, Frontier, and JetBlue airlines.

As far as how airlines rank when more factors are considered, the AQR, or Airline Quality Report has that information based on data that makes it a fairly reliable judge.

Their most recent list is on the front page of their website with Alaska Airlines up first and Spirit airlines last in spot 12.

According to the AQR, their considerations are “based on mishandled baggage, consumer complaints, on-time performance and involuntary deniedĀ boardings.” (

On their website, visitors can download every AQR report since its 1991 inception.

Different factors are of varying levels of importance to particular flyers. Many airlines offer mile-rewards programs, which may be of interest to people who fly often. Some airlines have preferred customer clubs and various luxury upgrades on flights. Some customers want to be able to work or browse on a plane, in which case on-board wifi is important. Budget airlines like Allegiant, for example, may be the top choice for someone whose number one concern is an affordable flight, whereas another customer may be dissatisfied with the limited legroom and frequent delays.

Now more than ever, flyers have options and there is a lot of information out there so that people can make informed decisions about which companies they choose their trips with.

Reasons to Watch “The Masked Singer” on Fox

Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg are all judges on the new reality television show. The premise is as surreal as it is bold: real celebrities suit up in costumes that completely disguise their identities. They perform a musical number against another obscured celebrity, and the ultimate loser after three rounds is unmasked.

The draw of the show is the guessing game. The rest is superfluous. There is no reason for judges. The one to one showdowns are just a fill-in format so the show can last as long as it does, and the audience is full of obviously paid extras.

The one liners are terrible, the guesses from judges don’t help one bit, and the judges themselves are polarizing. Nick Cannon as host has, in two episodes, made two cringe-worthy references to his ex wife.

All this, and the show is a marvel. It still works! The judges scratch the itch for people to safely love to hate, all the while, asking “who is in that steampunk deer suit?” Audiences who watch live have the benefit of texting their votes in, and those who watch on hulu later can text their friends and share guesses.

In episode one, the unmasked singer was a sports star, and in episode two, a comedy movie legend. The talent seems to be diverse and has a good time.

This show is an experience. It shouldn’t exist, it shouldn’t work, and yet it is pure entertainment. Give it a watch on Fox. New Episodes Wednesday nights at 9pm Eastern.